SELTA SQUARE: Korea's First
AI-Enhanced PV Service

Leading PV-wave for Healthy Life

Enhancing the safety of pharmaceuticals and medical devices by advancing PV works in innovative ways through digital technology.

Global Safety Control Tower

Progressing to become a global control tower managing the drug safety through data.
Create innovation by emphasizing the importance of conformity.
Flexible thinking
Grow to have convergent abilities through flexible thinking and action. 
Focus on the most important things and lead trends in a timely manner.
Provide valuable experiences to customers by solving problems
  • 2024
    • 2024. 05
      • CMIC KOREA Master Subcontractor Agreement (MSA)
      • AI/DX-Based Full-cycle Safety Monitoring Platform Technology 'AA Grade' Achievement in KIBO Evaluation
      • GH, SELTA SQUARE is selected among five companies as 'Base Camps' for Global Expansion
      • Partnership with ORACLE ARGUS
    • 2024. 03
      • Distribution of Korean version of CIOMS Pharmacovigilance Glossary​
  • 2023
    • 2023. 12
      • Grand Prize Award in IT Sector at 2023 Korea Excellent Patent Awards​
    • 2023. 11
      • Hosting KoNECT Corporate-Led Seminar on 'New Wave in Pharmacovigilance'​
      • Release of SELTA-LITUS (document monitoring automated system) v.2.0
      • Release of SELTA-WAVE XML Converter​
    • 2023. 09
      • Launch of SELTA-OCTO AI MedDRA Coder​
      • SELTA SQUARE - LSK Global PS, MOU for AI/DX-based PV platform service​
    • 2023. 07
      • 'Smart AI Healthcare Award' in Daejeon at 4th Industrial Revolution POWER KOREA​
      • Establishment of the industry’s first AI pharmacovigilance corporate research center​
      • Signed an MOU with the Council of National Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) for the development of a Korean version of the Pharmacovigilance Terminology.​
    • 2023. 06
      • Selected as a global support company by the Korea Health Promotion Agency and participating in BIO USA 2023​
    • 2023. 05
      • Selected as a technology startup support program by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, TIPS​
    • 2023. 03
      • Evaluation as best company by Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center; Selected to Move into Pangyo Startup Zone​
      • SELTASQUARE and DT & Sanomedics signed MOU for AI/DX-based pharmacovigilance service​
    • 2023. 02
      • Launch of PV professional service for full cycle safety management of medical devices based on successful cases​
      • Launching SELTA-TUBE (KIDS raw data analysis and tabulation automation system)​
    • 2023. 01
      • Launch of PV Audit and QA professional services​
  • 2022
    • 2022. 12
      • Venture business certification​
      • The Grand Prize Award for Excellent Brand of the Year - AI New Drug Development Safety Category​
    • 2022. 11
      • Seed Series Investment​
      • Ministry of Health and Welfare-Pharmaceutical Association AI New Drug Development Education Platform (LAIDD) training​
    • 2022. 08
      • Rated as the best company by the Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Promotion​
      • Introduced on the IBM US headquarters website
    • 2022. 07
      • Korea Pharmaceutical Safety Management Institute KIDS in-depth training​
      • 7 AI-Safety Algorithm patent applications (Korea, USA, Europe, China, etc.)
      • Launching SELTA-LITUS (automated document monitoring system)​
    • 2022. 06
      • Intelligent pharmacovigilance platform patent registration​
    • 2022. 02
      • Launch of PV professional service for life-cycle safety management of pharmaceuticals​
      • Independent Business Operation from Daewoong Pharmaceutical Commenced
    • 2022. 01
      • Selected as a post verification support project by the Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development and attracted the maximum amount of support​
  • 2021
    • 2021. 12
      • Selected for Post-Verification Support Project by Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development, Attracting Maximum Support
      • Open-collaboration agreement signed with IBM​
    • 2021. 07
      • SELTASQUARE Company establishment​